Anatoly Brusylovskiy

A graduate of Glier National Music College of Ukraine, Anatoly started his music career in Kyiv as a trumpet player with Kyiv Academic Municipal Orchestra, which was followed by the Big Band of National Circus of Ukraine, Ukrainian National TV and Radio orchestra, the Orchestra of Ghesher Theatre (Israel), and others.

In 2004 Anatoly and his family moved to Canada. After a few years of establishing himself in the new country and society, he slowly got back to music, starting playing with smaller groups, having occasional performances with different orchestras and opening his private teaching studio Music of the Winds.

Eventually Anatoly joined Richmond Symphony Orchestra, where currently he is the principal trumpet. In 2019 he materialized his dream, organizing a big band, Hudson Street Jazz Orchestra, which he directs and conducts. At the same time he is occasionally performing with other orchestras, such as the BC Philharmonic Orchestra, etc...