Welcome to the Music of the Winds Learning Studio

We are all different. We like, want and pursue different things. Our relationships with music are different as well. Some are completely happy just witnessing the wonderful world of music and some must be a part of it.
Whatever your goals and desires towards music are, the Music of the Winds studio will alter the classes and program to get you there. Need some help with band program in elementary, working towards a credit in high school, preparing for an RCM exam or just planning to impress someone, the studio holds the road map for all the destinations.


Adults, high school or elementary school students, anyone willing to learn to play is welcome. Classes for brass instruments are offered for all levels, from beginners to advanced; woodwind - for beginners and intermediate level players.

When and where

Lessons are held at the teacher’s studio conveniently located in Richmond in Steveston area or at students home . Prices from $30 for 45 min lessons and $40 for 60 min lessons. 30 min lessons are available for younger students. Days and time are flexible. Please contact us for more information and to schedule a lesson.

For beginners

Learning music is an exciting journey and its beginning is one of the most important steps. Choice of an instrument, proper breathing technique, practice regiment are the basics of the success. For the new students the studio offers professional coaching and an opportunity to try a variety of brass and woodwind instruments before choosing one. Learn more...